Garry Bell

"The theme that Garry composed has provided the magic for the entire series of film. It truly is an amazing piece of composition and gave me everything I asked for (and more)."

- Malcolm Green, Director

A master at understanding and fulfilling complicated briefs, versatility and experience define Garry Bell. In the world of advertising, Garry has earned many loyal clients who come back to him time and time again for his dedicated creative and intuitive approach. As a film composer, Garry composed the 'eclectic and enticing' award winning score for 'Beautiful People'. Garry's TV work includes soundtracks for the highly acclaimed documentary directors, Jane Treays and David Pearson. His classic soundtrack for 'Limara Perfume' was recently used in Chris O'Dowd's comedy series 'Moone Boy'.

 An accomplished songwriter and producer, Garry has worked with artists as diverse as Cathy Dennis, The Adventures, Ian Dury, Sting and Isaac Hayes. Whether you require a unique re-record of a classic song or music that simply fits your images perfectly, Garry’s extensive knowledge of composition, arrangement and production is invaluable.

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